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Our Somascan technology uses an innovative high-throughput, aptamer-based assay to measure over 7,000 proteins simultaneously in biofluids. The technology benefits from exceptional, demonstrated specificity and the lowest variability available, enabling users to run fewer samples for statistical significance and still consistently detect thousands of proteins. Moreover, thanks to the surrogate endpoints we have developed you can characterize benefits and safety without waiting for outcomes.

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Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical is a clinical development and strategic resourcing organization committed to providing a better clinical experience across the drug development journey. Our goal is to improve the lives of all those touched by clinical research – approaching each opportunity with foresight, character, resilience, and innovation.  Based on decades of experience, we help our clients achieve better outcomes by conducting candid conversations and anticipating potential issues through our customized solutions. 

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Haier Biomedical


Haier Biomedical was founded to focus on the design, manufacturing, and sales of low temperature storage equipment for biomedical arena and has expanded more broadly within life science applications. 


Experts within the Laboratory Cold Chain, we manufacture complete cold storage solutions (-196°C to +8°C) and related laboratory equipment such as CO2 Incubators, Climate Chambers, Centrifuges and Safety Cabinets.


Haier Biomedical utilises digital technology within its new generation IoT-enabled products to provide solutions for everyday challenges within applications such as R&D, cell culture, biobanks, biological sample management, reagent storage and pharma supply chain.


Come along and learn about Haier Biomedical’s solutions which help science-focused organisations save lives, reduce waste, utilise resources efficiently and support best practices. You’ll get the chance to see our new high speed refrigerated microcentrifuge with large, interactive touchscreen and super quick cool down which help to speed up and improve lab efficiency. Portable Cryogenic Transfer Tank Bio-2T, with anti-splash structure of liquid nitrogen, non-liquid nitrogen overflow structure, real-time visual monitoring of temperature display & excellent thermal insulation performance.

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Automata’s Lab Automation Platform meets labs where they are on their automation journey, and is the trusted partner to improving efficiencies and freeing scientists to work on new and innovative discoveries. It is trusted by customers including NHS Trusts and are supporting advancements across core testing labs, academic institutions, CDMOs, pharma and biotech companies.

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