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 MedChemExpress (MCE) is a biotech company supplying high-quality research chemicals and biochemicals, including novel reagents, reference compounds, APIs, and natural compounds, to leading research institutes, laboratories, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide since 2008. We offer 60,000+ inhibitors and agonists, 10,000+ recombinant proteins, 6,000+ life science products, and 200+ bioactive screening libraries.

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Critical research or technology focus: Sengenics is a precision medicine company that aims to improve patient outcomes by leveraging our expertise in producing and utilising high-quality, reproducible, functional protein microarray tools. Sengenics' protein microarray platform is based on our patented KREX® protein folding technology, which ensures the natural folding of biologically relevant antigens, thus uniquely enabling high throughput identification of physiologically relevant, specific antibody-antigen binding whilst minimising false discovery. Using this platform, Sengenics provides immune profiling services for discovering and validating autoantibody biomarker signatures for patient stratification, drug response prediction, and developing companion diagnostics. Autoantibodies from patient serum are identified with high accuracy and reproducibility, necessary for rigorous multi-cohort studies. Sengenics' team of experts and senior bioinformaticians assist with designing, implementing, and interpreting the array data, providing in-depth analysis and future guidance. These services are used by researchers and clinicians studying complex diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases.

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Eurogentec is an international manufacturer with expertise in genomics- custom oligos, probes, qPCR mixes, etc., along with custom peptides, custom antibodies (pAb, mAb & vHH), recombinant proteins, etc. in proteomics and large-scale production capabilities in therapeutics and biologics. We offer a continuum for clients from their research inception to the commercialisation of their products.

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Introducing the eLabNext lab management software - a digital lab platform that can enhance the quality of your life science research, streamline your workflow, and boost productivity. Our all-in-one digital lab solutions are highly customisable and flexible to cater to your laboratory's needs. We understand the importance of data security, so we offer secure hosting solutions tailored to meet your organisation's security requirements. Discover the power of eLabNext and take your laboratory's performance to the next level.

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