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Apto-Gen is a technology-driven company that provides customised PCR, and (RT-)qPCR enzymes and master mixes for our customers’ applications. We manufacture market-leading molecular biology reagents for direct integration into analytical, point-of-care, and high-throughput workflows.

Our mission is to improve DNA and RNA detection for more accurate diagnoses by bringing bespoke, high-quality molecular biology reagents to the healthcare and biotechnology markets.

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New England BioLabs (NEB)

 New England Biolabs (NEB) is renowned for exceptional service and product quality and is an industry leader in the supply of restriction/modifying enzymes and polymerases. NEB’s offering includes reagents for cloning, protein expression, PCR/qPCR, nucleic acid purification, synthetic biology, glycobiology, epigenetics, in vitro transcription, RNA analysis and NGS sample preparation.

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PCR Biosystems

At PCR Biosystems, our aim is to develop high-performance PCR reagents to simplify your research. Our focus is on enzymes for manipulation of DNA, RNA, and nothing else, providing reagents that maximise yield and sensitivity from the simplest to most challenging of reactions. We’re a London-based company, so all the reagents are made and distributed locally, ensuring lead times on orders are kept to a minimum, along with the impact on the planet. Come and chat with us about our brand-new range of qPCR and NGS mixes and to see how we can simplify your research with sustainability in mind! 

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 Our Somascan technology uses an innovative, high-throughput, aptamer-based assay to measure over 7,000 proteins simultaneously in biofluids. The technology benefits from exceptional, demonstrated specificity and the lowest variability available, enabling users to run fewer samples for statistical significance and still consistently detect thousands of proteins. Moreover, thanks to the surrogate endpoints we have developed, you can characterise benefits and safety without waiting for outcomes.

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