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Just speak with the suppliers between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

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BGI Genome is a leading genome sequencing company, and we offer various sequencing services (WGS, WES, RNAseq, epigenetic, metabolomics, proteomics etc.) with a global presence in multiple countries. We are deeply grounded in science and have developed various new sequencing technologies. 

BGI website


Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies website


AGL Automation


AGL Automation is a solutions provider focussing on equipment in cleanroom biotech environments. These include (but are not limited to) GMP cleanroom HMI (PC), cleanroom GMP tablet PCs and their associate peripherals such as keyboards, mice etc.


On the supplier day at the BioEscalator, we will bring a sample of these products to the site for customer demonstrations.

AGL Automation website


Restore Harrow Green

At Restore Harrow Green, we specialise in laboratory relocations, logistics and storage. Anything from single instrument moves to complete lab relocations (consumables, temperature-controlled samples, and chemicals), office furniture, and IT equipment. In addition, we can assist with whether a lab relocation is interdepartmental, national or overseas. We have been extremely successful in the life science sector and have become acknowledged as a specialist in delivering complex laboratory moves and similar. We have delivered complex lab moves for Illumina, MRC LMB, Quadram, Heptares, MRC Prion, Organon Labs and many other lab relocation projects across the UK. For example, we were awarded the £ multi-million contract to consolidate AstraZeneca's 12 Cambridge sites into their new Global HQ at the Biomedical Campus and relocate its three major sites from Alderley Park.

Restore Harrow Green's website.