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Funding Your Innovation - Grant Funding

Online seminar with TBAT Innovation. Part of the BioEscalator Seminar Series.

Innovation is inherently risky. Grant Funding is available through many funding bodies to accelerate innovation in the UK by de-risking highly innovative research and development projects. Current opportunities have up to £25 million available for businesses to apply for, but the competition can be fierce – knowing how to apply is essential!


Speaker: Esther Lawrence, Business Development Executive

Following this seminar, Esther will be available for 1-to-1 appointments to discuss funding for your projects.

Book a 1-to-1 appointment when you register for the seminar.


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About TBAT Innovation:

TBAT Innovation Ltd offers innovation support services to UK organisations to fund their innovation; generating millions of pounds in Research and Development Grants being awarded to our clients.

Their expert Consultants support clients throughout the funding application process, from identifying appropriate funding sources, writing applications, reviewing and resubmitting previous applications.