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N-Site Expert Workshops Flyer

The range of workshops includes:

  • Fundraising – Essential insight ahead of private fundraising
  • Starting Up – Advice on setting up or spinning out a new enterprise
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Essential insight and planning ahead of a transaction
  • Partnering and Collaboration – Guidance on effective planning and execution
  • IPO – Key considerations leading into and completing a listing (UK and Nasdaq)
  • International Expansion – As the organisation looks to expand overseas, this workshop highlights some essential matters to consider
  • Investing in the UK – Guidance for companies looking to establish operations in the UK
  • Product Launch – Essential insight and planning ahead of a product launch
  • Brexit – Key insight and guidance as we formally move into Brexit

The workshops will typically be half a day and will be specific to the registering company and not open to others. Ahead of the workshop, we will invite you to submit a briefing paper with appropriate non-disclosure arrangements in place to allow N-Site to tailor the content. There will also be the facility to arrange a follow up debrief to answer any questions that were left outstanding. The price for the workshops will be fixed depending on the subject matters covered ranging from £750 to £1,500. There are no limits on the number of attendees from the registering company.

Click here to find out more about each workshop