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OBN CEO Interview Getting to know David Loew, CEO of Ipsen Flyer

John Harris will be digging deep in this interview with David Loew, CEO at Ipsen, to understand whether Ipsen's R&D focus will remain with Oncology, Neuroscience and rare disease, or are there plans to move their research into other therapy areas and how strategic will the UK be in these future plans?

 We will also find out more about the culture that David is fostering at Ipsen, one focusing on entrepreneurship, agility and patient-centricity. 

John will also be keen to understand David's views on some wider issues currently facing the life sciences industry, including whether large pharma organisations should re-invent their R&D models and move away from the traditional sequential, bottom-up process of target-based drug discovery to a more fully integrated, top-down, systems-based approach?

Finally, we'll be keen to hear David's view on the post-pandemic regulatory landscape; now that we've seen much more flexibility & speed in approvals, how do we ensure this is continued on into the future?


About David Loew:

David brings nearly thirty years of leadership and experience across a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, CNS and cardio-metabolism, as well as consumer healthcare. Prior to taking over the role of CEO at Ipsen in July 2020, David was CEO of Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines from 2016. During his tenure, he piloted a successful worldwide growth strategy via acquisitions and licensing deals. He also undertook a series of transformational initiatives: developing a global pipeline, reinforcing production strategy to strengthen compliance and increase capacity and building key programs to bring the company to the best-practice level in talent acquisition, medical affairs, R&D productivity and shaping the external environment.


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