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Microscope in a BioEscalator Lab


MediMabBio - Two time zones, one mission

Two clocks are visible behind the Chief Scientific Officer of MediMabBio, Dr Chris Willberg, as he sits in the company office at the BioEscalator – showing time zones seven hours apart, they are a reminder of how teams in Seoul and Oxford are working together to discover new treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease.

Granza Bio: Pioneering personalised and targeted cancer therapeutics

The BioEscalator is pleased to welcome Granza Bio, a biotech startup founded by two PhD graduates in oncology and immunology from the University of Oxford. Granza Bio is pioneering a new era in cancer therapeutics by developing personalised and targeted cancer treatments using the body's own immune system.

It started with a brainstorm

Companies start in all kinds of different ways, and for Bioarchitech it was brainstorming that generated the idea behind the enterprise. It is now planning a Series A fundraising to bring its lead candidate to the clinic. Bioarchitech is focused on cancer, developing oncolytic viruses encoding protein immunotherapies for the destruction of tumours, ideally with just one or two doses.

Upcoming Events

BioEscalator Mini Supplier Show

Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 10am to 3pm

Attending companies: Promega, Labmode, Integra Biosciences, and Fisher Scientific.

BioEscalator Team
Photograph of the BioEscalator building and adjoining carpark, taken from the top of the Kennedy building © BioEscalator Oxford