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Bioescalator tenants are among the most pioneering start-ups in the medical sphere. They share a passion for innovation, the drive and determination to move it towards clinical application, and enthusiasm for collaboration. In order to join them you will need to meet the following stringent gateway criteria:

  • Your company’s work is based on early-stage, innovative, high quality science that has potential to make a significant positive impact on healthcare in its broadest sense.
  • There is an overlap between your company’s work and the University’s research. It is really important that you are connected into our University research. Talk to us if you can see great potential for collaboration but haven’t yet made contact with the right researchers, we may be able to help you to connect.
  • The company has the potential for high growth. We are looking for ambitious companies.
  • The company is not a contract research organisation (CRO).

If you think you meet these criteria, or would like to discuss them further, please contact us here.


Application Process

If you think your company meets the BioEscalator’s gateway criteria and would like to apply for space, the process is straightforward and quick:

  1. Arrange an initial discussion and tour with members of the BioEscalator management team (click here to contact us). This will involve a discussion about your business, the BioEscalator gateway criteria, and your space and service requirements.
  2. You will be given a straightforward form to complete.
  3. Due diligence by the BioEscalator team.
  4. Your application will be considered by the Management Board. You may be invited to meet members of the Board.
  5. Offer of space.